Highlights – Built-in Ovens

Discover the latest news for built-in ovens

Volume up

The extra-large capacity, up to 76 liters, holds all of your dishes and obtain homogeneous and uniform cooking, thanks to the perfect heat distribution.

You will be able to cook at “full load”, using up to 5 cooking levels, savoury and sweet at the same time, without mixing the flavours, thanks to convection technology.

Warm-up times are ultra-rapid, with Fast Pre-heat technology, and when you’re done cleaning is fast, thanks to the elegant gray Easy To Clean enamel and the simplified cavity design that makes it easy to clean the oven with a simple wipe.

Control and Safety

The door of the new large capacity ovens thanks to the exclusive Panorama glass gives you maximum visibility to monitor your recipe during cooking.

When the oven is hot you can control your total food safely thanks to the sturdy shelves and sliding trays, in addition the Soft movements, controlled by the new balanced hinges, allow you to open and close the door ergonomically.

Removable inned door glass meakes cleaning fast and easy.


The controls and the door handles are made of metal, with a cold touch and” Mille Luci “finish, for durable and be practical elegance.

You can coordinate the design of your kitchen with full glass models, in black glass, or in mirrored glass, or with the premium models with a brushed stainless steel frame.

We use the best steel for uncompromising quality and, thanks to the anti-fingerprint treatment, the surfaces will always be clean.

If you need more speed in the kitchen it add the matching compact combination 44lt Microwave, designed for perfect aesthetic coordination with your oven.